Mathew T. McGonagle, MD


The foundation of my clinical practice is rooted in the biopsychosocial model of medicine. This model believes that a biological understanding of a patient’s illness is essential, but also acknowledges that psychological, social, and spiritual factors have profound effects on health and wellness.

Consultations/Initial Evaluation

All treatment starts with an initial meeting/assessment. This usually takes one to two sessions. During this initial assessment, I try to better understand the presenting problem and take a medical and psychological history.

Based on this information, we use a strength-based approach to develop a formal treatment plan that includes the type of treatment, frequency, etc. If the person feels comfortable and agrees with the recommended plan, then our work will begin.

Individual Psychotherapy *

A 25 or 50-minute visit focusing on psychotherapy.

Individual Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology Management **

A 25 or 50-minute visit focusing on both psychotherapy and the management of psychiatric medications.


Though most clients work with me in person face-to-face, I do sometimes conduct sessions by telephone/Skype/FaceTime as appropriate

Services to Organizations

I have experience working with a range of organizations in a variety of ways. I have worked with religious, health care, educational, nonprofit, and private sector organizations in addressing emotional health needs through groups, talks, workshops, or helping with service delivery and management. If interested, call or email to see what may be arranged for your organization.

*There are many different theoretical models and forms of psychotherapy. I use an integrative approach rooted in dynamic/relational therapy but also incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mind-body skills training.

**In general, I no longer do follow-up appointments that are solely focused on managing psychiatric medications. There are many good clinicians out there who do this. Though still fully licensed, trained, and competent at monitoring these medications, I prefer to only prescribe and manage medications for people who are also working with me in at least a minimal amount of psychotherapy.


My practice is private pay and I generally do not accept most private insurances. I made this decision because I find it enables me to focus more on patient care, allowing me to give clients the time they deserve. Payments are generally due at the time of each visit. I accept credit cards, personal checks, and cash. Many of my clients have “out of network” mental health benefits that can provide partial reimbursement toward each visit, directly to the person or myself. Please contact your insurance carrier to see if you have “out of network” mental health benefits. I will provide clients with all of the information needed should they wish to submit it to their insurance for “out of network” reimbursement.